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Current Deadlines:
January - May, 2008 Title & Sell Sheets due: 8/1/07

Invoices, General Correspondence:
Bella Distribution
P.O. Box 10543
Tallahassee, Florida 32302

Book / Product Shipments:
Bella Distribution
1041 Aenon Church Road
Tallahassee, Florida 32304

Toll Free Order Line: 800.533.1973
(Tallahassee Warehouse and Offices)

Manager, Operations: Becky -
- Warehouse, Shipping, Bookstores

Warehouse / Shipping Fax Line: 850.576.3498

Account Representative: Linda -


When shipping books or other product to Bella’s warehouse, please make sure to follow these guidelines:

1. Label all boxes on one side with the following information:
• Publisher Name
• Title of Book
• Quantity of each Title

2. Send an email to with the following information:
• Date and method (carrier) of shipment
• Number of Cartons and/or Pallets in shipment
• List of all books in shipment, including:
o Title
o Author
o Quantity
** All titles will be released and made available immediately upon receipt unless otherwise specified.

As a client of Bella Distribution, you will be assigned a userid and password which will allow you access to two areas of our website:

  • The Client Log In section, which allows access to up-to-date information similar to what is in this document. This is also the area of our website where all current notifications about deadlines, etc., will be posted. It will be your responsibility to access this area of the site periodically to view any special notices.
  • The FTP area specifically set up for your access. This is the area where you should upload all content specific to your titles as outlined below in the Title Information section.
  • If you have not received your user id and password, please contact our Help Desk at

For every title carried in our warehouse, we need to have the following information / data provided to us in the following formats. This will insure timely inclusion in our seasonal and backlist catalogs. All files should be uploaded to our server via the ftp userid / password provided.

Backlist Books
In order to include all of your titles in our marketing materials, you will need to supply us with a summary of your backlist titles. This summary should be in an Excel spread sheet format and should include the following information:

  • Publisher
  • ISBN
  • Title
  • Author
  • Genre (Romance, Mystery, etc.)
  • Publication Date
  • Number of Pages
  • Short Description

To make this task easier, we have created a template form that is available to you on our website. You may download the Backlist Information Sheet and simply fill out the sheet and return it to your account rep.

New, Featured and Upcoming Titles
To help in our marketing efforts, Bella Distribution provides ‘sell sheets’ to our sales staff, to bookstores and all other outlets as well. A sample can downloaded from our website. Since it is important that the format for your sell sheet be maintained, we strongly recommend that you download the template and edit it with your information directly.

A sell sheet should be created for each of the titles that you want us to stress in our marketing efforts. The information provided to us on these sheets will be what we include in our seasonal catalogs.

Cover Images
Hi Resolution versions of each of your covers should be uploaded to our server. These images should be cropped and ready for insertion into our catalogs. The specifications for these images are as follows:

  • 300 dpi
  • 2.5 inches or 750 pixels wide
  • jpeg format
  • file name should be titleofbook.jpg

If we will be updating your content on, you should create a second version of each cover image that is 72dpi and 500 pixels vertically. The name of these files should be the ISBN, for example: 19315319.jpg.

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